Wildlife safari in uttarakhand : Jim Corbett National Park, Kumaon Overview

Wildlife safari in uttarakhand. The Jim Corbett National Park is a popular haunt of the youth from neighboring metropolitans and towns alike, for its unique stay facilities, and housing the famous endangered specie of the Indian Tiger( Jeep safari in jim corbett), and is also known for having a book written after these predators here by author Jim Corbett, names 'The Man Eater of Kumaon'. Wildlife safari in uttarakhand.

Jeep safari in jim corbett. The Park is also home to about 580 species of birds and a variety of animals like the langur, sloth bear, python, cobra, black bear, Asiatic elephants and many more that can be spotted easily on a safari. Wildlife safari in uttarakhand. You can also opt for a trip to the viewing towers, which provide a panoramic view of most of the park, which has a core area of about 520 sq kms, and if you are lucky enough, maybe spot a tiger or two. Jeep safari in jim corbett. The safaris are undoubtedly the best part of the trip, where spotting a tiger is quite the tricky part. Staying in the park is also available, as huts in varying deeper parts of the park are available. Jeep safari in jim corbett. A popular story goes, that one must not open the door of their hut at night when they hear a knock, as the tigers are known to mimic the human knock to attract humans as preys. Makes for a visit. Wildlife safari in uttarakhand.

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