Wildlife Safari: Corbett National Park

Wildlife safari in the dense forest of any National Park of India will be a fulfilling experience on its own. Camping in jim corbett. The tranquility to immerse in, the pure air to breathe, mesmerizing beauty of the forest landscape and the closeness to the raw Nature, everything is so captivating and refreshing to mind that wildlife trip will be a memorable journey of life.Jungle safari in jim Corbett. If you have not been to any forest trip or have not taken any wildlife safari in any of the National Parks, then you are missing the most adventurous activity which will bring you closer to the marvels of Nature.

When it comes to the forest safari in India for the wildlife sighting, most of the wildlife enthusiasts want to know which National Park offers the best sighting experience and which one has the most diverse range of wildlife species to view. Jungle safari in jim Corbett. Every national park has different topography with its own range of flora and fauna which are suitable for that climate. Camping in jim corbett. Among the numerous National Parks in India, the two parks named Ranthambore National Park and Corbett National Park are the most famous for the wildlife safari.Jungle safari in jim Corbett. Here, you will know the difference between these two parks and which one is the best for wildlife sighting.Jungle safari in jim Corbett.

Corbett National Park

The forest of the Corbett National Park known for its mesmerizing beauty due to the dense greenery enveloped the entire forest with the evergreen Sal trees and around 110 other species of flora cover around 73 percent of the forest area along with 10 percent of the grassland. Camping in jim corbett. If you prefer a breathtaking Nature view, then the Corbett forest is the place you should visit. Jungle safari in jim Corbett. It will give you the true Jungle feeling with the thick green forest, various river channels, hilly terrain and absolute tranquility along with a large number of the wild animals and avifauna to view. Camping in jim corbett.

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