Visiting the Jim Corbett National Park during the rains can be a rewarding experience

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

At Corbett Wildlife Safaris, we are former wildlife safari guides and specialists in the Natural World, ensuring you get up close and personal with the wildlife in question whilst promoting responsible travel and supporting local conservation projects. Whilst comfort is essential, our focus is on experiential luxury rather than crisp white linen and crystal glassware. We can do both, but there is no point in staying in a luxury lodge if there is nothing to see! Whilst the majority of our safaris are tailored to your specific requirements - whether you are a family looking for adventure or honeymooners looking for some relaxation - we also excel in specialist set departures."best wildlife safari in uttarakhand"

The wildlife is just one aspect of the jungle. Tranquillity, clean air, silence and solitude are some of the other luxuries offered by a holiday in the wild.

Imagine a vast expanse of jumbled green vines engulfing ancient trees freshly washed by rain—it’s nothing short of magical. The visual is enough to bust the myth that a holiday in the Jim Corbett National Park (Best wildlife safari in uttrakhand) during the monsoon can be, literally, a washout. Dominated by valleys and low hills, the region is unbelievably lush and green. Even more so during the monsoon, after the rains have lashed through the intense undergrowth.

The wildlife is just one aspect of the jungle. Tranquillity, clean air, silence and solitude are some of the other luxuries offered by a holiday in the wild. Many may confine themselves to the “wildlife spotting season” from October-May. Wildlife safari in uttrakhand with Just Safari. It is a time when the jungle grows a new cover, rivers display their might, and the endless bounties of nature are on full display. Contrary to widely-held belief, the national park is not closed to tourists completely.

Wildlife safari in uttrakhand

The guided nature walks, have different trails and routes to opt from. Some take you along the river bed of the Kosi River, some through the forests. There are trails that requires crossing a suspension bridge over the river, and others that lead to the Garjia Temple. Wildlife Safaris in Corbett National Park- Wildlife, Jeep and elephant Safaris are the ideal way of exploring. In fact, jungle safari tours have added excitement and fun to the journey. There are number of ways to cover the Jim Corbett National Park(Wildlife safari in uttrakhand). Jim Corbett National Park endorses Jeep Safari, Horse Safari, Bird Safari (Uttrakhand birding tour), Elephant Safari, Fishing safari and the Nature walk. You can explore the richness of flora and fauna with the Safari that unfolds the beauty of the Jim Corbett Park in India. Best wildlife safari in uttrakhand of this park is a delight for adventure lovers and wildlife photographers. Explore a home away from home experience at Just Safari, Uttarakhand (Jungle safari in jim corbett).

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