Uttarakhand Birding Tour in Jim Corbett

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Becouse Just Safari is The Uttarakhand Birding Tour in Jim Corbett for your first choice for travel arrangement to Corbett and all of Uttarakhand ! we offer a change of private tours as ideal for families and independent travelers.

WildLife Safari With Just Safari

​At Corbett Wildlife Safaris Best wildlife safari in Uttarakhand we are former wildlife safari guides and specialists in the Natural World, ensuring you get up close and personal with the wildlife in question whilst encourage responsible travel and supporting local conservation projects. Whilst comfort is essential, our focus is on experiential richness rather than crisp white linen and crystal glassware. We can do both, but there is no point in behind in a luxury lodge if there is nothing to see! Whilst the majority of our safaris are change to your specific Needs - whether you are a family looking for adventure or honeymooners looking for some relaxation - we also excel in expert set departures.

Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett

Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett National Park, endowed with beautiful nature, is a haunt for wildlife lovers for a long time. Established in the year 1936 as the first national park in Asia and the First Tiger Reserve of India, the park is a pioneer in efforts at preserving the endangered species of animals and birds. Natural uniqueness of the park consists of varied wildlife and spectacular scenery spread over the 1318.54sq km of area in Nainital, Uttarakhand.

The park is named after a legendary British hunter, author, naturalist, and a tracker-turned-conservationist ‘Jim Corbett, who was born in Nainital. Corbett’s writings have captivated generations of the wildlife aficionados.

Uttarakhand Birding Tour in Jim Corbett

There is an excellent variety of both the local and migratory species of birds found in Jim Corbett National Park. The migratory bird species that you can spot here are Brown Dipper, Forktails, Wallcreepers, White-Capped Water Redstarts, Gray-Headed Fish-Eagle, Plumbous and many species of Wagtails. These rare species of birds makes the park an ideal destination for keen birdwatchers.

To quench your thirst of watching the rare wildlife, you should definitely plan to visit here. We at Peak Adventure, provide you a fascinating six-days itinerary package to experience the thrill of birding in Jim Corbett.


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