Top wildlife safari in uttarakhand : Tiger Population to double by 2022 in India

Top wildlife safari in uttarakhand. “Tiger Population to double by 2022 in India”, an awesome statement by our Environment Minister on the International Day of the Tiger. Well, only the time will tell if this statement is proven right or not by 2022. Wildlife safari in uttarakhand. But his intention is loud, and clear. But is this just a comment by a minister? I don’t think so. It is scientifically possible to double the Tiger population. Top wildlife safari in uttarakhand. All that is required is WILL by the Government. Everyone knows that the Tiger is a fast breeding cat. All we need to provide is inviolate habitat and the Tigers will take care of the rest. Wildlife safari in uttarakhand.

Steps being taken to double the Tiger population:

Tourism friendly policies are being initiated in the national parks of Madhya Pradesh. Top wildlife safari in uttarakhand. This signifies that Tiger Tourism is being recognized as an important conservation tool. Synergizing tourism and forest department work will have beneficial impact on the Tiger population. But it has to be responsible tourism. Besides, tourism generates extra revenue for the local community as well. Wildlife safari in uttarakhand.

The Goverment has red flagged the Rio Tinto project in Panna. This was a big diamond mining project scheduled to come up at Bunder. The revenue involved here was to the tune of Rs 20000 crores. Reason why this project has been stalled is that it would have cut the corridor link between Panna with Nauradehi. While this corridor is not of a Kanha-Pench corridor quality, nevertheless it has presence of a Tigress with cubs. This directly implies that it is a critical Tiger habitat. Top wildlife safari in uttarakhand.

To say that future of Tiger conservation lies in the corridors will not be wrong. A corridor is a life line of a national park for healthy transfer of gene pool. With more such decision in future, Tiger Population to double by 2022 in India is a reality. Wildlife safari in uttarakhand.

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