Safety Best Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett

jungle safari will surely take you on a joyride amid the wild and let you get up and close with nature. Camping in Jim Corbett Though filled with exotic flora and fauna, a jungle can be dangerous if one isn’t cautious. It is imperative to stay safe as one wrong move can turn your ‘fun’ into a disaster. Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett Any general safari advice will always include the below mentioned safety tips.

Follow these DOs and DON’Ts of jungle safari in India and abroad for an enjoyable and safe time inside the jungle.

DOs Of Jungle Safari

  • Familiarise yourself with the park’s rules and regulations beforehand and make sure you follow them when inside the park

  • Follow the safari guide’s instructions at all times like your life depends on it (and it does!)

  • Maintain silence during the safari

  • Drive slowly and cautiously to avoid hitting animals as they might appear suddenly

  • Maintain a safe distance from the animals

  • You must follow the park timings

  • Allow the animals to cross first while driving through the forest

  • Honour safari timings. Reach on time and leave on time

  • Keep the camera flash off

  • Bring a flexible camera cover to protect it against the dirt and dust

  • Empty your bowels and bladders before you set off on the safari or wait for the toilet break

DON’Ts Of Jungle Safari

  • Speak loudly or play music inside the park reserve

  • Use your mobile phone as much as possible

  • Drink or smoke in the forest

  • Leave combustibles in the car

  • Offer eatables to birds and animals

  • Tease, disturb, or hit animals

  • Eat at any time other than the allotted break time

  • Litter around

  • Get off your vehicle unless asked to

  • Wear bright and exposing clothes

  • Wear deodorants and perfumes

  • Bring infants or children with dust and fur allergies

  • Enter restricted and prohibited areas

The forest may be a tourist attraction for you, Camping in Jim Corbett but it’s the home of the wild animals and birds you find inside it. Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett They rule it, not you! If you expect your guests to respect the rules and regulations of your house, then you also need to follow the norms of the jungle where you are the guests. Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett There can’t be better tips for jungle safari to make one understand the importance of abiding by the guidelines set down by wildlife sanctuaries across the world.

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