The Jim Corbett National Park: An Invincible Adventure

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

The wild beasts dwelling in the woods of the Jim Corbett National Park and a lifetime moment to capture the pose with the furious Royal Bengal Tiger, everything from its wilderness to its predators makes Corbett- a dream destination for umpteen of wildlife aficionados worldwide.

The Park takes pride in being the oldest established national park within the geographical boundaries of Asian Continent. It was declared as a national park in 1936. Another point that this unsurpassed wildlife destination boasts of is that it is the first Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger in 1973.

# Overview of Jim Corbett National Park: An Insight

The land of song, roar and trumpets, Jim Corbett National Park offers a mixed bag of unique experiences and showcases a panorama of remarkable elegance.

To mention, the most significant highlights of this empyrean for wildlife buffs are- the rare Bengal Tigers, Crocodiles and Leopards. The other wildlife attractions in the park are Otters, Hogs, Boars, Sambas, Langoors, Gorals, Sloths and Pangolins. The spellbinding spot is an abode to more than 585 bird species, 33 reptile species, 37 dragonfly species, 7 species of fish and 7 amphibian species.

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