Just Safari:Visit To Garjiya Devi Temple, Uttarakhand

You may probably know Jim Corbett National Park for exclusive sights of endangered tigers which roam around the park as well as nearby areas.Birding tour in uttarakhand. These majestic tigers are sure a centre of attraction for Corbett national park. Top safari in uttarakhand.The majority of visitors to this park come here to witness these tigers and undoubtedly the scene and moment when you watch them from your naked eyes is truly special and worth capturing. But, as far as the beauty and amazing sights of Jim Corbett are concerned, there are much more than just to sight tigers. Exclusive landscape, beautiful flora and fauna, unique environment and phenomenal safaris are other factors that add fun to the tour to Jim Corbett.Birding tour in uttarakhand. The list of attractions of this place includes one more special attraction that you should not miss which is Garjiya Devi Temple. Top safari in uttarakhand.

Garjiya Devi Temple may somehow be not so famous among all the visitors of Jim Corbett, but if you want to experience something different that connects you to the beliefs of the locals of that area, then you must pay a visit to Garjiya Devi temple which is located very near to this park. Birding tour in uttarakhand. The visit to this strange yet tribal temple will help you experience many factors about the people and society around Jim Corbett and hence, it would be a wonderful visit for all who want to go into the depth of this park.

Diving into this excursion, you will come to know various superstitions and beliefs that people rely on. Top safari in uttarakhand. So, if you decide to walk around Garjiya Devi temple and then ask for the route from your guide or the locals or the workers from the hotel or resort you are staying in. It would be around few kms away from the place you stay in. To reach out there, you can hire a vehicle. Top safari in uttarakhand. This temple is located inside the jungle and to reach there, you need to follow a trail which goes upward.

Garjiya Devi temple is an ancient temple in the jungle. The location is the biggest surprise for the visitors that make it incredible ancient temple in that location. Though it is a purely old temple, yet due to some reconstruction work, you won’t find similar ancient look as it had earlier.

Basically, it is a temple of God Shiva.  You will see a Shivalinga present in the Garjiya Devi temple.Birding tour in uttarakhand. Along with Shivalinga, there are also few other statues of Hindu Deities. It is said that this temple is located in this jungle for years and as of now, it is under the archaeological department of the country. Now, this department looks after this temple and a renovation work is on to give an advanced structure to this place. Top safari in uttarakhand.

It is said that tigers of Jim Corbett national park keep on coming to this temple in time; however they don’t harm anyone as they do only if they find someone attacking them.Birding tour in uttarakhand. So, the visit to the Garjiya Devi temple is no less than any adventure indeed.

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