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Updated: Jan 12, 2019

You’ve planned your trip well, Best Wildlife Safari in Uttarakhand you have all you need for your safari by your side, and you are also following the forest rules. But, alas, you still haven’t been able to spot a single wild animal or bird. Camping in Jim Corbett Where then, did you go wrong?

Uttarakhand Birding Tour in Jim Corbett There are certain factors you need to consider before embarking on a jungle safari so that you have the maximum chance of spotting the beast of the jungle Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett that you came all the way to see. The following tips for jungle safari will help you while you’re planning and executing your safari ride so that you can make the most of your visit to the jungle.

  • Read about the animals and birds in the park to know where you are most likely to spot them on your tour

  • As established, visit the jungle in the dry season. During summers, most of the animals can be found lurking near the water holes, exposed owing to the less amount of vegetation at these spots

  • Start the safari at dawn and end it by dusk as most of the animals can be found outside their shelters during this time. Reptiles and crocodiles can be spotted during midday (Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett)

  • Stay longer at the hotspots, like canals, river banks, lakes, ponds, etc

  • Pick a good guide. Safari guides always stay in contact with each other, so if one spots the highlight animal of the park, it will be communicated to the others and everyone will get a chance to witness it

  • Make use of your binoculars (or your camera’s zoom lens). They can help you identify animals hiding in the bushes

  • Familiarise yourself with the sounds of different birds if you’re into bird watching and photography

  • Be still and maintain silence while observing or photographing fauna, especially birds ( Best Wildlife Safari in Uttarakhand)

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