Jungle safari in jim Corbett : Tiger cell for Tiger conservation

What is the need for a Tiger cell for Tiger conservation?

Last 5 years has seen an unprecedented growth in the Tiger population. Jungle safari in jim Corbett. While this is good news for the country, it is good news for the poachers too. How? Simple, they have more possibilities for poaching now. So, this increase in Tiger population brings in more responsibility to protect the Tigers. Hence a need for Tiger cell for Tiger conservation was felt by the Government. Wildlife safari in uttarakhand.

Poachers have done their bit this year. In the first 6 months of this year, 74 Tigers have died, out of which 14 were poached or electrocuted. Jungle safari in jim Corbett. Some Tigers also died in the territorial flights as the habitat is limited and the population is increasing. While some died due to old age, or other reasons. Wildlife safari in uttarakhand.

What will the “Tiger cell for Tiger conservation” do?

They will keep track of population of Tigers in the 50 Tiger reserves. Jungle safari in jim Corbett. Every Tiger will be documented.Tiger cell will keep a record of the DNA and stripes of all individual Tigers. This will be challenging, but progressive. Wildlife safari in uttarakhand. Also, they will keep database of the photos of all the Tigers. How these images will be collated is yet to be ascertained. Will it be from the camera traps only? Or, will they also take images from tourists and photographers? Whatever be the source of the same, but the idea is good, and will bear fruit. The photos help identify the Tigers instantly in case of poaching. Jungle safari in jim Corbett.

But is one Tiger cell for Tiger conservation enough? No, infact far from it. Ideal situation will be to have one cell in each region if not each state. Hopefully they will get there too. Wildlife safari in uttarakhand.

With the usage of technology by the Government the Tiger is getting more protection. Drones are set to make their entry in 5 Tiger reserves by the end of this year. Subsequently the installation of theTiger cell for Tiger conservation will be icing on the cake. Jungle safari in jim Corbett.

Best Wishes to the Tigers

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