Jungle Safari in jim Corbett

The tiger is not only the star attraction of the Jim Corbett National Park (Best wildlife Safari in Uttrakhand) but is the most celebrated of the wild animals in India. This wonderful creature of God symbolizes the power of nature and finds an important place in our culture, mythology and legends. The majesty has been treated and worshiped as the ruler of the forest. Best wildlife Safari in Uttrakhand. Jungle safari in jim Corbett.

The tiger has always had a deep relation with the confined area of Corbett National Park (Best wildlife Safari in Uttrakhand) - either through the useful writings of Jim Corbett and other hunter. Corbett gave birth to Project Tiger in India - India's first tiger conservation program inaugurated on first April 1973. Tiger is kept on top of the food pyramid as they are carnivore and a master predator. It helps in maintaining and controlling the ecological balance of the park. Best wildlife Safari in Uttrakhand.

Tigers attack wild boar, deer (preferably chital and barking deer) and Sambar while the majestic is on hunt. They choose the largest prey of species since larger prey gives more enrgy for the energy spent. The presence of sound population of sambar is believed to be a good indicator of the presence of tigers in the Corbett (Best wildlife Safari in Uttrakhand.). Sometimes, tigers also hunt young of elephants and take smaller species, including birds, reptiles, fish and monkeys. Jeep safari in jim Corbett.

Tigers (Jungle safari in jim Corbett) in India have the greatest reputation as man-eaters among the large cat species. Such tigers have been immortalized through the writings of Jim Corbett. For instance, The Champawat Tiger is said to have killed 434 people before Corbett finally succeeded in killing it. Jeep safari in jim Corbett.

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