Jim corbett national park which is located at Nainital for spotting Tiger

Choose Just Safari  company for your first choice for travel arrangement to Corbett and all of Uttarakhand ! Jim corbett national park(Best wildlife safari in uttrakhand) which is located at Nainital for spotting Tiger. You will also visit here jackals, leopards, sloth bear, black bear, deer, and monkey. The best time to visit this national park(Best wildlife safari in uttrakhand) is November and June.

Best wildlife safari in uttrakhand

jim Corbett National Park(Best wildlife safari in uttrakhand) is the oldest National Park of India and a part of the Corbett Tiger Reserve which is spread over 1300 sq kms area of hills, riverine belts, marshy depressions, grasslands and a large lake. It is located in Ramnagar (Nainital) of Uttarakhand and was named after Jim Corbett(Best wildlife safari in uttrakhand), a famous hunter, author and wildlife conservationist who played a key role in its establishment. The park was the first to come under the Project Tiger initiative(wildlife safari in uttrakhand).

The tigers prey upon the larger animals in rare cases of food shortage. There have been incidents of tigers attacking domestic animals in times of shortage of prey. Other animals include barking deer, sambar deer, hog deer and chital, sloth and Himalayan black bears, Indian grey mongoose, otters, yellow-throated martens, Himalayan goral, Indian pangolins, and langur and rhesus macaques. Owls and nightjars can be heard during the night.

Wildlife safari in uttrakhand

Just Safari is an amazing wildlife resort situated along the boundary of the Jhirna zone of the Jim Corbett National Park(wildlife safari in uttrakhand) of Corbett Tiger Reserve(Best wildlife safari in uttrakhand). The resort is conceptualized on the idea of providing a very serene, intimate and pure raw jungle experience to our guests.

Our Just Safari in Corbett(Best wildlife safari in uttrakhand) comprises of cozy rooms, a fantastic restaurant called Cafe HOHO, complimentary unlimited wi-fi,  in-house mini library with books on topics ranging from the jungle history to spiritual, philosophy, fiction and drama. To add to this, resort also hosts a lot of recreation activities like swimming pool, table tennis, badminton, ludo, carom, chess, playing cards, cycling expeditions, video projector movie screen etc.

This park is famous for tiger sighting. Book best Just Safari(Best wildlife safari in uttrakhand).

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