Jim Corbett National Park in India A Great Place to watch Tigers

Exploring the natural beauty of India(Top wildlife safari in uttarakhand) has its own appeal and puts great impact on our sense of aesthetics. Watching tigers in their natural habitats and clicking them are among the favorite yearnings of the most of the wildlife lovers and photographers. Although, this task is not easy as it may appears. Through this article we help you to get the right location and the right state to visit the renowned national parks in India. Fortunately there are many tiger reserves in India where you can spot tigers in their wild habitats. By 1970, India had only five national parks. At present we have 166 authorized national parks.

Best Wildlife Safari in Ramnagar

India’s first and oldest national park(Best wildlife safari in corbett national park), established in 1936 by legendary British hunter named Jim Corbett. It is located in the most sacred state of India called Uttarakhand(top wildlife safari in uttarakhand). Snuggled in the foothills of Himalayas, Corbett National Park(best wildlife safari in ramnagar) is an ultimate destination for tiger tourism in India. Spread over 500 Square Kilometers the place is dwelling for variety of wild species and animals. You have to take canter or jeep Safari to explore the hidden mystery of the dense jungle. While enjoying safari, there is great chance to spot the tigers and other wild species like jackals, leopards, fishing cats, sloth bears and many more.

Welcome to land of roars, trumpet and song as Jim Corbett National Park is famous for Spotting Royal Bengal Tigers. It enjoys the status of the largest wildlife reserves in India(best wildlife safari in uttarakhand). Surrounded by Chambal and Banas River, the park is a natural habitat for majestic tigers and several wild animals(Best Jungle Safari in park). Apart from the wonderful wildlife attractions you may pass through the many ancient ruins like Ranthambore Fort. These ancient monuments are sometimes shelter to leopards and tigers. It offers great view to wildlife lovers and photographers.

The Bird Watching tours include some of the best encounter with the rarest and elusive bird species. Best bird watching Jim Corbett Park , famous for its tigers, is also a bird watcher’s paradise with over 580 species. The tour packages include the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand is also endowed with well-established birding circuits, easy accessibility and trained local guides to help you spot even the most elusive  and beautiful species.

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