Jim Corbett National Park

A wild life sanctuary is always a dream of everyone, as this is the only place where you can observe the wild animals closely without being eaten.

Every wild life sanctuary has its own set of animals that can survive in the particular atmosphere of the sanctuary, thus at times the number of species is quite low and because of that, they become too monotonous and boring at times. But there are some sanctuaries which have a wide variety of species which will give you as certain sense of excitement along with a mysterious aura of what you are going to witness next.

Jim Corbett is one such sanctuary where you do not know what will happen next or which particular specie you will encounter next.

Now the question arises how to enjoy these wild life sanctuaries to the fullest? How can one get closest to Mother Nature?

The answer is jungle safaris. There is a particular convey of jeeps which are specially designed so that you can be as close to Mother Nature as possible.

The best jungle safari in Uttrakhand can only be witnessed in Jim Corbett, because of the vast lands and multiple animal parks that are situated in the vicinity. From tigers to elephants you can see them all.

Apart from the land- based animals there are a wide variety of birds that can be found in the surrounding forest of Jim Corbett, if you are into Bird watching then this particular sanctuary is definitely for you, a wide range of vibrant birds can be located in the forests of Jim Corbett National park.

If you are looking to escape from reality Uttrakhand is the place for you. Birding Tours in Uttrakhand is a must watch. Multiple species of birds come together to fill the barren skies of Uttrakhand with color and completeness, kicking out the negativity that is hiding within you and thus taking to a long journey of infinity with nature.

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