Jim Corbett Heritage Walk at Kaladhungi

Best known for his classic book ‘The Maneaters of Kumaon’, Jim Corbett (Jeep safari in jim Corbett). has also had a huge impact on conservation efforts, especially with the villagers living near the forests around his village Kaladhungi, also known as Chhoti Haldwani. Jeep safari in jim Corbett. This Heritage trail, managed by the village folk, provides further insight (Jungle safari in jim Corbett) and experiences of the immense work done by the ‘Gora Sadhu’ as Corbett came to be known later. (Jungle safari in jim Corbett) The walk(Jeep safari in jim Corbett) takes you through to the model village established by Corbett himself, covering the Corbett Wall, and the Jim Corbett Museum with his muzzle-loading gun. Jeep safari in jim Corbett. Spend some time with the village folk here as you walk a distance of about 3.5 kilometres. The trail (Jungle safari in jim Corbett) should take you approximately 2 hours . Jeep safari in jim Corbett.

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