Jeep safari in jim corbett : Difference in a Canter (safari bus) and a Jeep safari

There are two kind of safari vehicles used in the National Parks of India. Jeep safari in jim corbett. One is the Jeeps which usually seat upto 6 people max, or an safari buses which seat from 10-20 people. But both have their own advantages. The advantages and disadvantages of Canter and Jeep Safaris are to be understood before you start your safaris. Jungle safari in jim Corbett.

Advantages of a Jeep:( Jeep safari in jim corbett)

Jeep is a small vehicle with less number of tourists in it. Max 6 guests are permitted to sit in a Jeep. Thus it is less disturbing to you and to the wildlife.The seating height of a Jeep( Jeep safari in jim corbett) is lower than a canter. Hence it is a better vehicle to take photographs of wildlife, and it offers a better angle too. Jeep is easier to maneuver compared to a canter during a safari. The petrol engine in a Jeep makes it less noisy. Thus not only less disturbing to you, but more importantly to the wildlife. Jungle safari in jim Corbett.

Advantages of a Canter (Safari bus)

If you are traveling in a group more then 6 people then it is best to be together in a canter. As there could be chances that you do not get the second Jeep. So all of you together in one canter is a good idea.The height of a Canter is at times advantageous in times of Tiger sighting. Jungle safari in jim Corbett. There are moments if you stand on a canter you can see deep and into the bush and not so much from the Jeep.

Let us not forget that to a Tiger or any other wildlife it does not make any difference whether you are in a canter or a Jeep( Jeep safari in jim corbett). If he is in the vicinity and decides to come out when the canter is around so don’t think that the canter is more lucky, or Jeep. Tiger sightings are always a matter of chance, and experience of drivers and guides does surely help. Jungle safari in jim Corbett.

Last but not the least, if Jeep safari is not available then it makes sense to surely avail Canter Safari. The route followed by both types of vehicles is practically the same, so chances of wildlife viewings are also almost same.

If you are a serious wildlife enthusiast and wish to avail a Jeep( Jeep safari in jim corbett) for the safari, then only way to get it is to book early. Plan your safaris 5-6 months in advance to get the type of vehicle and zone preference in the national parks of India. Jungle safari in jim Corbett.

Happy sightings.

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