How I Spent 48 Hours in Corbett National Park?

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It was one bright sunny winter day ( Jeep safari in jim Corbett. ) , and everybody in my college was bouncing off the walls as our teachers were soon going to announce the next holiday trip. (Jungle safari in jim Corbett) In my two years of college life ( Jeep safari in jim Corbett. ) , I have never seen so many people outside the staff room, not even on the result days. (Jungle safari in jim Corbett) Finally, the announcement was made that we are going for a short getaway to Corbett National Park. ( Jeep safari in jim Corbett. ) I was excited as I was hopeful of sighting a tiger this time (as I have already been there once). (Jungle safari in jim Corbett) And somewhere like an unrealistically confident lottery card buyer, I convinced my friends to come along for the trip as I wanted someone to be with me to share the (Jungle safari in jim Corbett) excitement and thrill. ( Jeep safari in jim Corbett. ) And finally, on 24th February night, we boarded our bus to undertake a 9-hour road journey from New Delhi to Corbett National Park (Jungle safari in jim Corbett) .

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