Everything You Need To Know About Bird-Watching In Uttarakhand

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

uttrakhand birding tour
uttrakhand birding tour

Bird watching (uttrakhand birding tour)one of the most fascinating hobbies which has gained more momentum over the recent past years. Bird Watching is also considered and in fact has become a great source of recreation. Being an avid traveler if bird watching (uttrakhand birding tour) hobby finds a place in your list.

Then Jim Corbett National Park (uttrakhand birding tour), Just safari can be best destination for you to engage yourself into this hobby which is now fondly practiced across the globe.

uttrakhand birding tour is an activity, reserved only for the well seasoned; for bird enthusiasts who can practice utmost patience and perseverance. If you are a photographer of birds, or simply love spotting new types of birds, there's no better place than Dev Bhoomi, Uttarakhand. The mighty hills of Uttarakhand provide a sanctuary to various types of birds (uttrakhand birding tour), whose beauty is a sight to behold. Most towns in Uttarakhand have managed to maintain a healthy balance between nature and human settlements because of which wildlife there continues to flourish. In fact, out of the known 1,500 species, more than 50% species of birds (uttrakhand birding tour) can be found in Uttarakhand alone!

uttrakhand birding tour
Uttrakhand Birding Tour

Birds Found:

Some of the 400 species of birds that you are likely to spot are greater scaup, white-naped woodpecker, great hornbill, black-bellied tern, pallas's fish eagle, northern goshawk, black-necked stork, yellow-billed blue magpie, scaly thrush and snowy-browed flycatcher, to name a few. (uttrakhand birding tour).

Best Time for Bird watching in Uttarakhand:

The ideal time for bird-watching in Uttrakhand is from February to May. Summer and spring time bring out the best of the hills, and is a wonderful time to tour around the state and enjoy its birds (uttrakhand birding tour) , wildlife and Uttarakhand's beauty.