Dressing Up Best tips for jungle safari

You may be a fashionista back home, but here, you have to dress up according to the norms of the jungle. Best Wildlife Safari in Uttrakhand Following are some basic things you need to keep in mind while dressing up for your safari. Abiding by these tips for jungle safari will ensure your safety and that of others Camping in Jim Corbett .

  • Wear comfortable, airy t-shirts, convertible cargo pants (preferably waterproof), fleece jackets

  • Wear colours like Greens, Browns, Olives, and Khakis to blend in. Some African safari clothing tips tell visitors (Best Wildlife Safari in Uttrakhand) to avoid loud colours & bold prints

  • Pick cloth material that is lightweight and breathable, like cotton

  • Dress in layers to avoid plant allergies and beat the changing weather

  • Avoid wearing flashy things like jewelry

  • Cover your arms and legs. Sleeveless tops & capris won’t protect against insect bites

  • Wear strong, comfortable, and covered sports shoes (or sneakers) with socks

  • Mask your face to protect from the dust

  • Wear a hat or a cap to keep the heat away

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