Camping in jim corbett : Off days in some National Parks of India

Best safari in uttarakhand. While you are planning a safari in the National Parks of India it is important to know when the parks are closed? Which day of the week? Or any festivals when the national parks are closed? Camping in jim corbett.

First and foremost one must know that the core zones of all the Tiger reserves are closed for the monsoons in India. There are couple of reasons why this is done. One, due to rain the mud trails become slushy. Best safari in uttarakhand. Hence there is a possibility of the safari vehicles getting stuck in the slush. So the forest department prefers to close the national parks. Also the monsoon break provides an opportunity to the forest to rejuvenate itself. Camping in jim corbett.

Closure of some popular national parks

All Madhya Pradesh National Parks i.e. Panna, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench, Satpura, Sanjay are closed every Wednesday afternoon for safaris.  These parks are also closed on Holi and Diwali festival days. No safaris on these two days. The monsoon break for the Madhya Pradesh parks is from 1st July till 30th Sept. But the buffer zones are open for safari in these parks. Camping in jim corbett.

In Maharashtra, Tadoba remains closed full day on Tuesday. But there are buffer zones in Tadoba which are open for safaris. So a guest need not feel that there is no Jungle safari or activity happening on this day. Best safari in uttarakhand.

Ranthamhore National Parks zones from 1 till 5 are closed from 1st July till 30th Sept for monsoon. But zones 6 to 10 are open for tourism during this time.

Jim Corbett National Park and Dudhwa National Park are also closed for monsoon from 16th June till 15th November. But the Jhirna range is open for tourism in the monsoons also. Camping in jim corbett.

Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary is open round the year for tourism. But, birding is at it’s peak during Dec till mid Feb as the the migratory birds make Bharatpur their home during these months. Best safari in uttarakhand.

Is it worth doing a safari in buffer zones during monsoon time?

Yes, by all means. If you are a nature lover then yes, the forest is at it’s beautiful best during monsoon. If you just wish to see the Tigers during this time, then this is not the ideal time. It is simple, because when it rains do you step out of your house for a stroll, not really, or rarely. Same is the case with Tigers. They prefer not to get wet. But it is not that the Tigers stop walking, and patrolling their territory, they do it, but slightly less. Hence the chances of Tiger sightings are less. But nature offers so much of love soaked in beauty that you don’t miss the Tigers. Camping in jim corbett.

Also, if it starts to rain during the safari it is tough to take images, as you rather protect your expensive camera equipment than risk it in the rains.

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