Best Tips For Jungle Safari -Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett

Camping in Jim Corbett Leave your worldly pleasures and flashy gadgets back home and experience the magic of being one with nature. The more time you spend in the midst of the world’s most primitive parts, Uttrakhand Birding Tour in Jim Corbett the more connected you’ll feel with your inner self. All you need to do is make sure you respect the given rules of the jungle and follow the mentioned hacks for a better safari experience.

1. Planning & Research

The best tips for jungle safari would be to do proper research about the forest reserve you’re visiting and plan your trip accordingly. Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett A well-planned jungle safari in India and abroad can help you have the best safari experience as well as cut down on unnecessary costs Camping in Jim Corbett .

Know About The Safari Reserve

Do a proper research about the place you wish to explore through your safari tour – everything from the distance,Camping in Jim Corbett area, best time to visit, type of flora and fauna you’ll encounter, to the rules and regulations set down by the respective forest authorities. Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett One should be well aware of what the place holds, not only to enjoy a great safari experience but also to determine what to carry.

Plan Your Safari In Dry Season

It is always advised to plan your safari in the dry season as the heat during this time forces the animals to lurk around waterholes more often. Uttrakhand Birding Tour in Jim Corbett Other than that, there is hardly any vegetation around water holes which ultimately exposes the fauna and enhances the chance to spot them. Uttrakhand Birding Tour in Jim Corbett Besides, many wildlife sanctuaries and reserves remain closed for tourists during the monsoon season since the chances of landslides and marshy terrains increases during this time Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett.

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