Best safari in uttarakhand :10 important points for Wildlife photography in India.

Doing a safari is not economical any longer. Camping in jim corbett. One spends substantial resources in doing the same. They say, that taking good photographs add value to your safari. Best safari in uttarakhand.

The below points will help you prepare for Wildlife photography in India.

  • To hone your Wildlife Photography skills it helps to know the national park you are visiting. Read about it to know what animals you can expect to see, the type of terrain, temperatures, type of vehicles being used.Camping in jim corbett.

  • Wildlife Photography in India is unique as the terrain and animals to shoot are different. Hence you must do enough research to know the same.Patience and perseverance is extremely important while doing safaris.

  • Please see the above for the same.If you plan to shoot Tigers, then it helps to understand the Tiger behavior a bit.Camping in jim corbett.

  • Listen to the guide and the driver of the vehicle you are traveling in, and follow the rules and regulations during the safari. Best safari in uttarakhand.

  • Be as silent as possible. Murmurs are best when you sight something. Your talking, or excitement can push the wildlife back into the bushes.

  • Avoid sudden movements when you sight anything. Sudden jerky movements of hands, standing up, disturbs the animal, and they can go away before you realize it.Camping in jim corbett.

  • You must know your camera equipment well. Read your camera manuals once again before the tour. Avoid changing lens and memory cards when in front of animals. They should be done before sighting. Best safari in uttarakhand. You must know how many images your cards can store, and store surplus cards, and batteries.

  • If you are sitting with other tourists in the Jeep, then it helps to coordinate with them in advance and ensure everyone is be able to take images. Best safari in uttarakhand.

  • Avoid getting into any alterations with fellow tourists while the Tiger sighting is happening for want of better angles and a look. Everyone sitting has paid for the safari. (this point is usually for youngsters who get very excited during the sightings)

  • Personal physical fitness is very important as well. You should be light on your feet, i.e. adjust the angles fast without being noisy. Camping in jim corbett.

  • In a hurry to take images, do not move when others in the vehicle are taking images. Best safari in uttarakhand.

  • Eat light. Avoid having heavy Indian meals before a safari, as the same can bring in a bit of laziness, and can induce sleep, resulting in you missing some possible opportunities.

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