A unique Tiger behavior encountered in Jim Corbett

I have been studying and watching Tigers for over 29 years now. Uttarakhand Birding tour in jim corbett. What i had not seen i had read, and what i had not read i had seen about the Tiger. But what unraveled on my last visit to Jim Corbett National Park, i had neither read, nor seen and never imagined. It was a misty morning in Dhikala. Jeep safari in jim corbett. The sky had taken the shades of orange, birds had stepped out of their comfort zones in search of food. How every sunrise is creatively different from the previous one is tough to fathom.

The biggest question before one moves out of the Dhikala compound gates is whether you should go towards the grasslands or towards the Sambar Road. Uttarakhand Birding tour in jim corbett. My mind was saying the grasslands. I shared the same with Irshad. We reached the crossroad where you take right for grasslands, and left for Sambar road. Jeep safari in jim corbett. My head turned right towards the grasslands and the vehicle turned left towards the Sambar road. A bit baffled i asked Irshad why? He said, Sir just like that…

Well, having no choice, and instantly no regret i was with the wave taking me towards Sambar road. Crossed the watch tower, stopped for a second to see if anything stood on the old Sambar road, nothing, so moved on. Uttarakhand Birding tour in jim corbett. On the new Sambar road which is just next to the Ramganga river, Irshad slowed down a bit to see if there was anything unusual around the river. Jeep safari in jim corbett. This is one spot in Corbett where you want the time to stop, other being the bridge on the Ramganga river taking you to Paar (across the river).

We had barely gone ahead of this area when Irshad braked and whispered “Tiger”. The light was very low, mist in the background, we looked ahead and a Tiger just crossed the road into the bush. I just about saw his shadow. Uttarakhand Birding tour in jim corbett. Even before i could get disappointed that i had missed the Tiger we saw two more Tigers on the road just behind him. Jeep safari in jim corbett.

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